REPhrasing Your Relationships

Relationship Empowerment Program

Gain the Awareness and Confidence You Need to Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries That Lead to Healthy Relationships With Yourself and Others

Who Am I?

I strongly believe that healing begins with the relationship we build with ourselves and then transcends to the relationships we build with others. If you have ever experienced a disconnection from yourself or from others, feel not good enough, or have felt directionless, depressed, or frustrated, my holistic approach will be able to help.

Over the years, I have empowered hundreds of individuals and couples by using a lens of compassion and acceptance of self. Those who have worked with me have learned to embrace a growth mindset, and compassionate reasoning and behavior to reach their desired goals. My clients have learned how to live, not just to exist, by identifying their strengths and filling the gaps between their lives and their aspirations.

Do you want to find your passion in life? By fortifying the mind, body, and spirit my coaching can bring clarity, direction, and purpose to your life.

Dr. Cathia Walters is an Educator, with a degree in clinical psychology, a Transformational Coach, and founder of the Walters Wellness Group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Who It Is For?

This program is for adults:

  • Who want to manage their feelings of shame and guilt
  • Who are willing to let go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Who want to cultivate healthy boundaries for themselves

Who It Is Not For?

  • Those who already know how to set healthy boundaries for themselves
  • Those who are struggling with severe mental health issues
  • Those who are not willing to put in the work to make a change in their life
Module one



  • Identify the areas in your life that currently need the most attention.
  • Increase your awareness of what really matters to you in the life domain that you believe needs the most attention right now.
  • Identify exactly what needs to be changed and create SMART goals for those areas of your life.


In this module, you will identify your pain points/ struggles/obstacles and accept how and where they are impacting your life. You will be able to answer the question, “What in my life needs the most attention right now? And begin to think about “what exactly do I want to change?”

Module two



  • Identify the strengths that can help you move past your pain points, struggles, and obstacles.
  • Gain clarity on how to reframe challenges using strength-based language.


We all have areas of strength that we often neglect or are unaware of. In this module, we will unlock possible opportunities for growth: strengths that you are aware of, but also those which are not often recognized.

Module three



  • Discover the limiting beliefs that are leading to disempowering behaviors.
  • Identify the behavioral changes that are needed to accomplish the goals you identified.
  • Create new perspectives/narratives/stories about yourself that lead to new behaviors and an empowered mindset.
  • Develop an action plan of sustainable changes that will help move you closer to your goals.


In this module, you will build on your strengths to identify and create an action plan for the behavioral changes needed to achieve your goals. You will be able to answer the question, “What do I need to do to move forward?”

Module four



  • Identify internal and external factors that get in the way of you achieving your goals, including fear-related feelings.
  • Understand the concept of Radical Acceptance and how it differs from avoidance.
  • Learn how to use the 4Cs to challenge the negative narratives that you have created.
  • Learn distress tolerance skills to cope with life challenges.


In this module, you will be able to identify the internal and external obstacles that get in the way of you accomplishing your goals. You will learn skills to cope with, navigate, and manage these disappointments and obstacles to allow for a healthier connection with yourself and others.

Module five



  • Identify ways to increase positive emotions in your daily life.
  • Understand the concept of compassion and how it relates to positive growth and healthy connections.
  • Learn how to create a “compassionate self” and how to receive compassion from others.
  • Understand the role of shame and learn how to move away from self-criticism to compassion.


Cultivating positive emotions leads to a healthy growth mindset. Having compassion for yourselfself is vital in your ability to create connections with not only yourself but others. In this module, you will learn how to build resiliency by creating a positive mindset through the use of compassion.

Module six

Improving Your Relationship With Self and Others


  • Develop skills to be effective in communicating and getting your needs met.
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries through effective communication.
  • Discover how the use of healthy boundaries can improve your relationship with yourself and with others.


In this module, you will learn how to establish, communicate, and maintain healthy boundaries in order to create and enjoy healthy life-long relationships with yourself and with others.

Module seven

Look How Far You Have Come


  • Identify areas of growth you have observed in your relationship with yourself and with others.
  • Review your initial goals and identify areas of future work.
  • Celebrate how far you have come and create a check-in system of support as you implement your lifestyle change program.


In this final module, we will re-evaluate and assess your growth and review your next steps. We will identify what additional support will be needed to help you manage potential challenges in implementing your program to achieve your lifestyle change. Congratulations!

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